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Welcome to Vision Qwest Solutions’ website.

Vision Qwest Solutions provides consultation and training solutions to include soft skills training, leadership development training, employee engagement consultation, talent acquisition training and consultation, and performance management consultation and training.   I first launched the original website in 2006.  The tagline, “The Journey Begins With Envisioning The Possibilities” as well as the name for the company was conceptualized during an amazing road trip.  With an open mind, in open air, and on open road, I came up with the concept for the company.  The tag line was lofty and befitting as the name for the site.  I had a specific goal in mind – to provide a myriad of strategic HR consulting services to employers and employees in the areas of performance management, recruitment support, training solutions, organizational development, and career counseling.  Although these are all areas of expertise for me, we all have to be flexible through “shifts and changes”; and sometimes, given market conditions, and constantly monitoring the current environment, I have honed my focus.  Re-prioritizing  and re-focusing is good for all us.

For me, re-focusing meant staying true to self, and re-aligning my service offerings.  This is what the new site is all about; listening to self,  internalizing, taking a personal inventory and assessment, and truly embracing the alignment of self as I strive to continue to reach the plateau of my life purpose.  With this new site, I will still embrace the lofty goals of “envisioning the possibilities“, but with a more individualistic perspective – while still being holistic.  This means a responsiblity to understand what it means to embrace human dynamics, understand organizational cultural dynamics, and what it means to understand “you”  in your chosen professions;  thereby embracing the true you in the world of work and embracing concepts that allows for contributing as you were “inherently designed”.

The power of managing these circumstances enhances ones’ ability to rise above the negative and facilitate the ability to be true to self –  “nosce te ipsum”.

Vision Qwest Solutions leverages the ability to understand your career needs based on my experience in “corporate”. I am a seasoned HR professional that started from the rank and file; yep, from the ground up.   And via my path,  my story has evolved, and adds substance to my perspectives and my understanding of what it  means to be an “employee” in the workplace today as well as being a corporate employer.

I have worked in a variety of industries – manufacturing, service industries, healthcare, and education.  Let’s delve a little deeper.  I have worked in hospitality, aviation, paper products, steel products, staffing, DOD, federal government contracting, and administration,  as an HR professional.

Celestine McMullen Allen, Vision Qwest Solutions




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