Workplace Trends – Pandora’s Box

pandemonium of people in the city
Delving into workplace trends is akin to opening Pandora’s box. Once the box is opened, there is a plethora of workplace issues that emerges. Oftentimes, to the dismay of employers who have to manage them. There are existing holistic management concepts that still have not been mastered, inclusive of employee engagement, performance management, profitability of the organization and how employees f...
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Organizational Culture – Is There A Need To Review Your Culture Initiatives

Colorful Umbrellas
I recently found an article, "Your Company Culture Can't be Disconnected from Your Customers", written by Dave Ulrich and Wayne Brockbank of Harvard Business Review;  This article appeared on one of my feeds and thought it was share worthy because it addresses the importance of organizational culture and the impact that it may have on the relationship with your customer bas...
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“Zen” & Career Choices

“Along the way to achieving career success, there are paths defined, paths yet to be defined, and paths unknown. Keep traveling." Celestine McMullen Allen Career choices represent a critical component of our professional world.  As with our personal lives, we pour so much of ourselves into "our" world of work. We may or may not have a clear path; sometimes meeting the day-to-day needs o...
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Introspections: Recruiting & Career Counseling Moments

Recruiting and career counseling moments are very rewarding when it is done correctly and with the right "spirit".  This introspective moment has been brewing for a while.  It started when “applicants” that I found jobs for have come back into my life...and when I say “back in”, I can go back to relationships that evolved in the early 80’s, the 90’s, 2000 and forward.  This blog post is all about ...
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“Understanding Recruiting Dynamics” – Essays on Professional Recruiting Synergy

Recruting Philosophy - The total Person
“Every life is a journey, and everyone has a story to tell”……Celestine McMullen Allen Recruiting practices and dynamics have changed a lot over the years. Now, the recruiting world is mired with data, keywords, and metrics.  How stressful is that.  And of course, other factors include recruiters not understanding the "roles" they are hiring for and applicants not understanding what they are loo...
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“Human Dynamics in the Workplace” – Essays on Personal and Professional Synergy

Concept of creative idea of a businessman
A journey is a story, and everyone has one to tell.....Celestine McMullen Allen Human dynamics in the workplace is experiencing unprecedented twists and turns.  The outcomes become part of issues that organizations are struggling with to correct.  These human dynamic "issues" prevail in such a way that they are morhping in bad hires, lower employee engagement scores, higher turnover, higher possi...
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Essays on Personal and Professional Synergy

Man holding a creative business box
As I am writing this post, I realized the potential and opportunities to speak to my voice, (personally and organizationally) on a broader level.   “Essays on Professional and Personal Synergy” is the new title for this essay series.  And with such a title, I can expound on a wide range of subject matter, inclusive of topics that fall within the broad spectrum of organizational development, person...
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Graduation- A Time For New Choices: Status Quo or New Horizons

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So, we are now winding down from the season of graduation…..bridging… steps for our kids…….             Graduation from college             Graduation from high school             Bridging to high school (a perspective… is the time to focus on who you are and what your innate capabilities are……) I have participated in these events personally and vicariously through social ...
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Training Solutions

Recruting Philosophy - The total Person
I love training....and if it is well developed, based on the needs of the individual or the the organization, it can be very effective.  I love providing food for thought.  I love providing insight from many perspectives......I love being candid in my delivery.....I love my audience taking something  from the delivery......I love the word uuhmmm..... This solution, as well, leaves open the tapp...
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Leadership Development

Technology is essential to work for businesspeople
Wow.....what a state of affairs we are in with today's work environment........ You, the leader have to be have to make perfect decisions......your organization has to be have to have all of the answers...... You, the employee (whether as a leader or a champion of change), are faced with so many variables. I have always been a proponent of the this philosoph...
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