Graduation- A Time For New Choices: Status Quo or New Horizons

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So, we are now winding down from the season of graduation…..bridging… steps for our kids…….             Graduation from college             Graduation from high school             Bridging to high school (a perspective… is the time to focus on who you are and what your innate capabilities are……) I have participated in these events personally and vicariously through social ...
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Training Solutions

I love training....and if it is well developed, based on the needs of the individual or the the organization, it can be very effective.  I love providing food for thought.  I love providing insight from many perspectives......I love being candid in my delivery.....I love my audience taking something  from the delivery......I love the word uuhmmm..... This solution, as well, leaves open the tapp...
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Leadership Development

Technology is essential to work for businesspeople
Wow.....what a state of affairs we are in with today's work environment........ You, the leader have to be have to make perfect decisions......your organization has to be have to have all of the answers...... You, the employee (whether as a leader or a champion of change), are faced with so many variables. I have always been a proponent of the this philosoph...
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Organization Development Consultation

Concept of creative business with drawing businessman
Managing within today's workplace is like viewing a color palette........the colors transform into hues of varying combinations.....some that are aesthetically pleasing......and those that you have to figure out how to create balance.  There are many factors that are involved in this "science"......and it is not as easy as adding drops of red, blue, and green....... When are are feeling the cha...
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Career Coaching & Assessments

Career development business concept as a businessman standing in front of a group of tangled roads and streets with one straight highway leading to an arrow cloud as a metaphor for leadership vision overcoming stress and a confusion crisis.
Are you considering a career change? Do you want to explore career options  and establish a plan to get you there? Are you a parent that is financing the cost of your child's education and want to ensure that your child is going in the right direction?    Are you unhapppy about your current employment situation?   Are you a "counselor" and want some insight into today's workplace?   Vision Qw...
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