Essays on Personal and Professional Synergy

As I am writing this post, I realized the potential and opportunities to speak to my voice, (personally and organizationally) on a broader level.   “Essays on Professional and Personal Synergy” is the new title for this essay series.  And with such a title, I can expound on a wide range of subject matter, inclusive of topics that fall within the broad spectrum of organizational development, personal and professional endeavors, human dynamics, and finding the centre of what the important variables are.  If you read further, it is all about “the concept of trinity”.

Here is an excerpt from the first post.

……Personal career endeavors seem like a good place to start.  For the crux of the concept of synergy is all about finding and following our personal dreams and aspirations; how we find them, how we stumble upon them, and how we struggle day-to-day with career choices can have such an impact on us personally…..

 …as in life, a journey is a story, and everyone has one to tell…….Celestine McMullen Allen

So upon starting this series on “Essays on Personal and Professional Synergy”, it takes on a personal assessment of self, and how aligned we are individually to the “skin” that we live in everyday.    This is where and how the guards come down, and sets the stage for the total integrative concept of these posts.  For it is not just about career endeavors, it is the total assimilation of self into our world of work, how we lead, how we are perceived, and the importance of how we support our team and how they support us.   Yes, there is parallel in these journeys that do have a direct correlation to our world of work and the quality of our career choices.

I will add another level to the concept of synergy; one that I designed for my personal blog  – – Celestine’s Voice ; the concept of my trinity.  “My personal trinity includes my love for cooking, my love for my family, extended family, and friends, and my love for writing.  My professional trinity includes my love for career coaching, organizational development, with a focus on employee development, employee engagement, people dynamics, and performance management.

My personal journey has always been a part of me, and over time, has taken on some interesting and fulfilling developments as I have evolved and grown personally.  Over the years, personally, I have always been immersed into the heartstring of my family, extended and otherwise – a perpetual sister, auntie, cousin, great auntie, and friend. Another aspect specifically also stands out is this love for food; not just eating it, but preparing it.  All of these dynamics have always been near and dear to my heart, but when your journey takes you through the loss of parents and other special ones in your life, an apartment fire, and a near death experience such as an aneurysm, the people that are in your life take on a meaning that is hard to articulate in words.  The important things in life take on another level of perspective of which more will be shared on my personal blog.  I would prepare a king’s feast, all prepared with love, for the people that are a part of my life.

So in context with the nature of this post, let’s talk about professional synergy….

Upon preparing for these posts, I was reminded of how wide-eyed I have always been about learning.  So much so, that I remember making a statement that I would always be a perpetual student.  I have maintained this posture throughout my professional career.   I have often taken the position of an observer, taking it all in; just sitting back, watching and learning.  Maybe the term “perpetual” observer applies in this scenario.  Have you noticed, the pictures that I use for my posts are color palettes in various scenarios?  There is a lot of symbolism that is associated with this concept.  For purposes of this post, a color palette is reminiscent of “our total self” and with the right technique and imagination, and learning, world visions can be created.  Personal visions can be created.  Life visions can be created.  In a recent phone discussion with David Zinger, an employee engagement guru, I described his concept of “People Artistry” as “People Synergy”; (individually and organizationally).    “Ones’ personal visualization ends up being his/her own creation of art”.

My personal visualization is still a work of art that is in progress.  I have obtained depth and definition in my palette and my visualization.  Over the years, professionally, my career has been about helping others, lending an ear when one was needed, advocating a cause, helping people to understand themselves and their emotions, helping others to follow “viable” career paths, helping others to secure employment opportunities, and helping others to understand that” the glass is always half full versus being half empty”.  These combined activities, both professionally and personally are all emotional, fulfilling, soul zapping, soul satiating, and rewarding on so many levels.  I have embraced these essences of life, oftentimes, carrying the weight of others’ burdens, hurts, and pain as if they were my own.  And because I am a poet and a writer, I have a sensitive soul.  And because of my personal innate skills, I have a strong “personal antennae” and “people gut”.

And once these feelings, skills are acknowledged, and embraced, there are personal responsibilities to live, eat, and breathe these experiences everyday in interactions with the people you encounter and the person that you are.  And as well, I will prepare a king’s feast for the people that I support professionally.

So, this post on synergy becomes a post on embracing a humanistic attitude on life and the people that you encounter, personally and organizationally.

 Celestine McMullen Allen

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