Introspections:  Recruiting & Career Counseling Moments

Recruiting and career counseling moments are very rewarding when it is done correctly and with the right “spirit”.  This introspective moment has been brewing for a while.  It started when “applicants” that I found jobs for have come back into my life…and when I say “back in”, I can go back to relationships that evolved in the early 80’s, the 90’s, 2000 and forward.  This blog post is all about warm and fuzzy moments, because to me, it says, “job well done”.

The above Thank You card is from a group of students that I had the pleasure of facilitating a career counseling session with.   I was so happy to find this card, for even though the event took place several years ago, it reminded me of what “we”,  in the industry are responsible for ….to make a long term difference in the lives of people that cross our path and those that look to us for motivation, inspiration, and guidance.  For me, this not only includes the professional level, but as well, the personal level – my nieces and nephews, my great nieces and nephews, and anyone else that I encounter that may need words of encouragement, words of strength, and words of “you can do it…. whatever that it is; whatever the industry, whatever the job.

I was recently inspired by a young woman that I placed on an assignment years ago.  Her name is Kwanza Graham.  I remember the day that she walked into my office.  She was professionally dressed – a blue shirt and a black skirt.  She wore a neat pair of black rimmed glasses and a hair style that suited her personality.  Most importantly, she presented herself very professionally.  She was pursuing a job as a Recruiter.  Although she was new in the recruiting discipline, my assessment during our interview confirmed that she was a “viable candidate”.  Upon the completion of our interview, I was more than convinced that she had the inherent skill sets necessary to meet the needs of my client.  Her career path has since evolved over the years.  Kwanza is now a Talent Acquisitions Manager for a major health care provider in the Metropolitan DC Market.

What makes this story marked is that I initially placed Kwanza on an assignment in the 1990’s.  She has advanced in her level of roles and responsibilities.  Her success is due to her staying true to her dreams and her inherent tenacity to make her career dreams come true.  Better yet, thanks to social media, we have reconnected.

In recent communications with her, she shared with me that our initial connection professionally impacted her, as well.  Kwanza shared with me that she “still shares the story” of being allowed to have a chance to get into the recruiting industry; a story that she shares whenever she gets a chance.   Oh, what a compliment.    Kwanza also asked me a very poignant question.  She asked was I able to recount the number of hires that I have made over the years – bearing in mind that this has been a core responsibility of my jobs – 35+ years later. I can’t count the number of placements that I have made over the years, but I truly hope that if I placed you, that it was a “good fit” for your personal aspirations.   I wish I still had this ongoing communication with them like I have with Kwanza.  I would love to hear their stories.

Little did Kwanza know that during this same time frame, there were several people that I was also able to “reconnect” with and others that shared with me that they wished that they had heeded my counsel.  Most importantly, if I placed you, that you “followed your path”, that you followed your dreams, and that you understood how your skills and your inherent skills aligned in tangent to being “the best professional you that you could be”, that you are now professionally accomplished or on track.

The thank you card that is a part of this post also reminds me of our mission – “to be real” to applicants that you are graced with the opportunity of helping.  For me, that means helping people through my recruiting and career counseling experiences.

Thanks, you rock…  Thanks for sharing the “great information that you presented…  Thanks for the great info…   Very insightful…  Thanks for providing career information and tips for the class… These are comments that I cherish.  For as I spoke with the class, I was “very real” in the presentation, and answered their questions poignantly.

 My recruiting experiences over the years, have been from a multi-level perspective, corporate and agency.  As well, I have a vast number of years as an HR professional.  These collective experiences have honed my people skills to ensure an understanding of what is truly important with “my peeps”.  This includes considering their fit, fit for the organization or client, or whether  the opportunity is good for their career path.  And when it is done right, and with the right perspective, it is very satisfying personally.  

Personal, professional impacts are important.  The moment that you encounter an applicant, a colleague, or a friend, be in the present of who they are, their possibilities, their path, and their accomplishments…..for you never know where their path may lead them to……faith in the possibilities…

If I placed you in a “viable” job opportunity, I would love to hear from you and hear your story.  Share your comments and updates on this post.



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