Leadership Development

Wow…..what a state of affairs we are in with today’s work environment; especially in the role of leader and the role you have to play in terms of  leadership development for your team.  Leadership development is a critical component to the success of the business that you are responsible for.  You are being held to such a vast array of competencies and accountabilities.  Of course, you probably possess the business acumen, but what about your decision making quality; what about how you develop your team.  We have to add to this short list the inherent skills  to include your approachability, and your managerial courage to name a few more attributes.  I am going to add another comptency – what about that of being a vulnerable leader .  More about that later.

You, the leader have to be perfect….you have to make perfect decisions……your organization has to be perfect…..you have to have all of the answers. Yeah, right.

You also face the challenge of being an employee (whether as a leader or a champion of change).  You want to grow and develop as a leader as well and pursue your own personal career aspirations.  What tools, resources, and support are available to you?

I have always been a proponent of the this philosophy……..”KNOWLEDGE IS POWER…….SELF-KNOWLEDGE IS LIBERATING”……

So, lets combine your thoughts and experiences with my insight…….

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