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The workplace is not just about the “individual”.  This site is about understanding all of the dynamics that create the trends in our workplace.  It is about collective synergy in the workplace – which include perspectives and actions from executives, managers, leaders, supervisors, team leads, and an organization’s corporate culture.  It is also about the “roles” we play on the job.  As much as we try, it is hard to separate “you” from the individual that you are in the workplace; especially as you work through workplace dynamics.  For afterall, we understand that these issues affect you personally and professionally; whether you want to admit to them or not.  It includes:

  • You, the individual – You have been in your job for months, years, and what seems like an eternity.
  • You, the individual – You have been tasked with managing a team, managing a project, managing a department, managing performance expectations, developing and training your employees,  and driving change within your organization.
  • You, the individual – Let’s not forget about your role in driving employee engagement and meshing personalities and organizational goals.

Vision Qwest Solutions provides services for you, as well.  My services are about synergy – one with you the individual and the organization that you support; an additional resource for you.   This page is about keeping you abreast of changes in your respective industries that affect you, trends that affect your industry, tools, and resources, including my services.

Whether you have a frame of reference for how things used to be, or you are starting  out afresh, each stage brings changes that have affected us all; good, bad or indifferent.  This site, as well, is about objectively reflecting on work place trends and what they mean to you as an individual (an employee) or as an employer in our evolution of workplace change.

And yes, today, we are facing unprecedented change. In the past, employees had a career for life, with a gold watch upon retirement.  People worked an average of fifteen to thirty years at the same job.  Over the years, average tenure has evolved from fifteen to thirty years, to ten to fifteen years, from five to seven years, from three to five years, and now from one to three years.

What is different?  What are the trends affecting your career decisions, your employees’ career decisions, and their decision to view you as their employer of choice ?  What is “employer-think” in today’s workplace?  What motivates an employee in today’s workplace?

Vision Qwest wants to help answer these questions as we address issues such as employer culture and employee commitment.

This page will evolve, but will start off with relevant content, articles, blogs, and posts, that are thought provoking, and serve as a tool for you to glean information as you endeavor to make your personal journey fruitful for you, as well as your employees.

Employer Services:

  • Performance Management Initiatives
  • Employee Engagement
  • Leadership Training
  • Supervisor Training
  • Teambuilding 
  • Leadership Assessments/Interpretation
















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